Link to Sud1010ku in Apple App store

Sud1010ku is a very difficult to combination of 1010 and sudoku. It is available on the Apple App store.

This game made it into GamesKeys’ selection of “underrated puzzle games to play on IOS” by Lisa Meyers.

Place numbered blocks in 1010 style, while making sure the numbers comply with Sudoku rules.

The screen shows a Sudoku grid with below that three blocks of numbers. The blocks can have different shapes. Blocks can be rotated by double-tapping, so there are many possibilities to fill the Sudoku grid.

Points are earned by placing the blocks with numbers on the sudoku grid. Blocks can only be placed when Sudoku rules are respected: the numbers 1 to 9 may only be placed once on on every row, column and square.

When a row, column or square has been filled, the blocks are removed so you can continue playing.

Every 10 moves you earn a bomb. This bomb is used to remove numbers from the grid that you are not happy with.

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